My Services Cost Nothing

I want to interest men who wanna earn extra ¥1,000,000 a year and more.

I particularly wish to hear from those who wanna have their own business in Japan.

To any man within a reachable distance of Tokyo, who is willing to pay my price for my services, I will make a contract to refund all the money he pays me if, at the end of the year, it can be shown that I have not made or saved for him double the amount of my fees.

I know what I can do. I will not undertake the advertising of any concern unless I think I can make it pay. And if I say I can make it pay I will do it or lose my fees. I offer a certainty. I practically offer my services for nothing. They cost not a cent if I fail ; they certainly cost nothing if I succeed…

I ought to have a hundred answers to this ad. If I don’t get them it will be because you do not believe me, or because you do not understand exactly what I mean…

I mean what I say and I am responsible for it.

If you are not quite sure you understand my

offer, write and ask questions.

Khoa Wasabi,


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